Wallabee releases all information (random box probability in online games, game success rate in offline games, game probability in casinos, etc.) provided by the game through a blockchain to address the closeness and opacity of the various games available today.

Wallabee publishes the number of users, play count, success rate, participation amount, company revenue ratio, member feedback ratio, and difficulty level that participate in the game to the blockchain. a allows many users to play games within accurate and transparent information.

WALLABEE offers new crypto games to its customers by offering arcade games on-line with remote control.

WALLABEE can be officially owned and grown by ERC-721 based digital assets provided in the game and users can trade on WALLABEE EX.



WALLABEE R2 GAME, W-ASSET, WALLABE GAME DAPP, WALLABE EX delivers a new crypto game platform.

WALLABEE R2 GAMEis a game that controls offline arcade games remotely online. Use WALLABEE COIN (WLB) to participate in the game and receive rewards.

In WALLABEE R2 GAME, W-ASSET (WALLABEE COIN, W-NFT), a cryptocurrency asset of WALLABEE, will be rewarded. W-ASSET is the driving force for users to participate in WALLABEE PLATFORM.

WALLABE GAME DAPP is a Dapp that provides game services to grow the W-NFT received as a reward. Users can grow their W-NFTs and expand their value with WALLABE GAME DAPP.

WALLABEE EX is a crypto asset exchange that allows users to trade WALLABEE COIN or W-NFT between users. WALLABEE EX allows users to trade NFT (Non Fungible Token) W-NFTs based on ERC-721 provided by WALLABEE as well as common cryptocurrency transactions.

WALLABEE & Solution

The solution provided by WALLABEE for various problems in the game.


  • Many games reveal only a small or private portion of the probability and history applied to the game.
  • Online games (Random box-Gacha), offline game machine (difficulty, challenge records, etc.) and casinos (odds, difficulty, betting history).
  • Game players don't know about games or participate in games using very limited information.


Information transparency through blockchain
  • WALLABEE PLATFORM publishes information about all games transparently on the blockchain.
  • The game player checks all the information in the game and participates in the game with his skills, not with an uncertain probability.
  • Number of players, number of successes, difficulty, hours of use, participation amount, percentage of company revenue, reward feedback, acquisition compensation, etc.


Accessibility and Reality
  • Offline arcade games have limited accessibility, such as time/space.
  • Online games are accessible anytime, anywhere, but the games are not realistic.
  • There aren't many games that offer both advantages.


Remote online games
  • WALLABE R2 GAME is a remote online technology that allows you to play offline arcade games online in real time.
  • WALLABEE R2 GAME can solve the problem of online games, which is based on transparent information disclosure.
  • WALLABEE R2 GAME rewards are available with crypto assets WALLABEE COIN and W-NFT.


Valuation of digital assets
  • In online games, a variety of digital assets (game characters, items, goods, etc.) are created by users playing games.
  • Digital assets are only available on their own platforms, and are not recognized for their value as assets.
  • Online game developers are also not using their digital assets as real assets.
  • Rewards that occur in offline games can’t be exchanged for other rewards.


  • WALLABEE PLATFORM turns all digital assets into crypto assets. This is called W-ASSET.
  • W-ASSET is made of W-NFT based on WALLABEE COIN and ERC-721 and is transparently managed as a blockchain.
  • W-ASSET allows users to easily and conveniently trade at WALLABEE EX.


Change of value
  • Digital assets are difficult to increase or exchange value easily due to the opacity of proof of ownership and value exchange.
  • In particular, games have many limitations due to the technical and economic aspects of digital asset ownership.
  • Offline games can only be compensated for the objects that are in the game machine.
  • Users will not be able to use their rewards again.


  • WALLABEE R2 GAME offers W-ASSET as a reward for winning games.
  • W-NFT can be used as a digital asset in the WALLABEE GAME DAPP.
  • WALLABEE GAME DAPP allows W-NFT to grow and increase its value in the game.

WALLABEE COIN (WLB) Tokens Details

Tokens Offered
88,000,000 WLB
Soft Cap (Public ICO)
$4 million
Hard Cap
$8 million
Tokens Distributed
30 days after token sale ends
Private Sale February- March, 2020
1 WLB $ 0.7 / token
Pre-sale (Token Sale I) March , 2020
1 WLB $ 1.00 / token
Token Sale II 2020
1 WLB Undecided
Token Sale III 2020
1 WLB Undecided

Token Allocation Forecast

  • 5%Team / Partner
  • 75%Used WALLABEE Ecosystem
  • 20%Token Sale Program
  • 30%Product Development
  • 50%Marketing
  • 15%Operational
  • 3%Legal & Regulation
  • 2%Partnership

Read Our Documents

A full version of the white paper is provided to help you understand.

Our Technology Services

WALLABEE PLATFORM is a converged game solution platform that combines blockchain technology, IoT technology, remote control technology, and internet game technology.

Blockchain technology

It is a double-book proof technology based on blockchain technology that provides game-related information data transparently and provides WALLABEE COIN and W-NFT crypto assets based on the ERC-20 and ERC-721 standards.

Remote control and Real-time video technology

Based on the 5G online network, WALLABEE R2 GAME is provided based on remote control technology, WebRTC real-time video transmission technology, and multiple recognition sensor technology.

Blockchain & Internet game technology

Based on the convergence game technology of Internet game technology and blockchain technology, WALLABEE GAME DAPP service is provided and technology is supported to game companies.

Crypto asset exchange

WALLABE EX is provided based on blockchain technology, cryptocurrency development technology, cryptocurrency exchange, and NFT development technology



We will open all services of WALLABEE PLATFORM within 2020.

2019 Q1
  • Concept generation
  • Team setting
2019 Q2
  • Task range analysis
  • Strategic plan
  • Technical R&D
2019 Q3
  • Platform design and technical demonstration
  • Building the MVP
2019 Q4
Alpha Test & Beta Test
  • Internal function test
  • Beta & Service test open
  • Real-time Testing
2020 Q1
Token Sale & First launching
  • Initial & Public fund raising
  • WALLABEE R2 GAME Service launching
2020 Q2
2nd launching
  • WALLABEE GAME DAPP Service launching
  • W-NFT launching
2020 Q3
3rd launching
  • WALLABEE EX launching
2020 Q4
  • WALLABEE PLATFORM operation & support
  • WALLABEE PLATFORM stabilization
  • WALLABEE GAME DAPP SDK/API Development & Support
2021 Q1
Service Development
  • Remote Robot Service launching in WALLABEE R2 GAM
  • Various game development in WALLABEE GAME DAPP
  • Various Altcoins and NFT listing in WALLABEE EX
2021 Q2
Upgrade Service & Promotion
  • Remote Robot Game E-Sport Promotion
  • Blockchain Social Game launching in WALLABEE GAME DAPP
  • Business cooperation
2021 Q3 / Q4
Business Development and Technology R& D
  • Development Remote Robot Game in E-Sport
  • WALLABEE GAME DAPP partners collaboration & Support

Executive team

The WALLABEE Team combines a passion for Blockchain & Game, industry expertise proven record in development, finance, planning, marketing & licensing.

Jaehyen. Lee
CEO & Lead Business/Blockchain/GAME
Jonghoon. Lee
COO & Lead Business/GAME
Hodong. Kim
CTO & Lead Development
Sangyong. Lee
CDO & Lead Design
Hakbum. Kim
CSO & Lead Strategy
Junyong. Lee
Head Developer
Minjae. Kim
Game PD
Hyungsuk. Lee
Game Design
Wonjoong. Lee
KyungHan. Kim
Game Design
Sinwoo. Park


Any question to WALLABEE? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.